Trainings & workshops

In corporate executive trainings, trainers use case study & role play methods to conduct workshops which often lack content and rigor, leading to poor interest & attendance. Managers move up in hierarchy but lack the necessary skills to handle multidisciplinary roles & decision making capability. And wrong decisions cause not only higher costs to organization but also puts the job of a manager at risk.

Assessment center tool

Promotion to middle or top management level is often done through assessment centers, which deploy several tools such as role plays, panel interviews, team & individual exercises to judge the capability of a manager. Often, decision making capability is overlooked, which is actually most essential for management level. The same issue is often faced at the time of hiring a management level employee.

StratEDGE provides a unique platform and comprehensive program, to train young managers to take up strategic leadership roles, where appreciation of interdisciplinary skills is required to deliver high performance. It is equally effective to assess the performance of a manager in terms of capability to quickly understand a business situation, take right decisions for an organization at large and perform within a short span of time.

CEO EDGE – 2 days

Impact Experience working like a CxO – Run an enterprise & manage end-to-end operations across functions
Participants 4-10 yrs work experience in any discipline
Modules 5 Rounds of simulation on portal with focus on
- Inter-functional synergies across diverse verticals
- Efficient Resource allocation & analytical skills
- Consumer centric strategic alignment
- 5 micro cases, 5 exercises, 2 self reflection ppts
Receivables Lifetime portal access to:
- Case study & results
- Presentations
- Certificate of participation

The MBA EDGE for non-MBAs – 2 x 3 days

Impact Do a short course & practically experience what they teach in top MBA programs
Participants 0-8 yrs work experience, non-MBA profile, any discipline
Modules 5 rounds of simulation on portal with key topics in
- Marketing, Branding, Consumer insights, Research
- Accounting, Corporate Finance & Valuations
- HR, Leadership, Team dynamics, Negotiations
- Production & Operations Research
- Strategy formulation, Mergers & Acquisitions
- 10 micro cases, 5 exercises & 3 self reflection ppts
Receivables Lifetime portal access
Case studies, Results of simulations, Presentations
Certificate of participation

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