• As owner & CEO of a 500 Cr organization, you are struggling to find ideas on new product or new market opportunities. StratEDGE consulting, can make a detailed business case which can diversify your portfolio or mitigate dependence on one market.
  • You have grown so fast from nothing to a 50 cr IT services company, that you did not put HR policies in place to ensure that your people do not leave you in times of downturn or slow growth. StratEDGE consulting, can work out detailed HR best practices and implement them in your organization.
  • You are known for your production excellence in Auto components sector, but your organization has not filed even a single patent. StratEDGE consulting, can help you set up an intellectual property cell to ensure value addition and mitigation of risk.
  • You are a 50 bed hospital, finding it difficult to market yourself and bring the right footfall even after 5 years of operation. StratEDGE consulting, can do a quick market research and design communication strategy to improve visibility.
  • Looking to wind up the operations your loss making automotive dealership, but have no clue on to formulate an exit strategy. StratEDGE consulting, will do a fair valuation of your company and help you exit at par, if not premium.

What do we do?

Wondering, how can StratEDGE consulting, handle such diverse topics across manufacturing and services space both. We are a group of over 100 senior working level professionals who have spare resources in terms of time, energy, intellect & most importantly willingness. Since as a policy, StratEDGE consulting, does not take assignments, which have a potential conflict of interest with our organization, we are able to sincerely put in our experience & efforts to help our clients. Even our youngest consultant has 7 years of work experience, and some of them have retired at CxO positions.

StratEDGE consulting enjoys, a strong network across the world & its collective experience is our core strength, which gives us confidence to deliver results, consistently over time in these areas.

  • New product & new market opportunities
  • Brand building & communication plan
  • Intellectual property & commercialization of ideas
  • Simulations based strategy trainings
  • General management advisory roles
  • IT backbone of a company including SAP, ERP, attendance, payments etc.
  • Supply chain & logistics optimisation

How do we do it

Understand the problem

Integrator + Client CEO

Analyze the issue

Integrator + Domain expert from StratEDGE + Client head of vertical

Work out strategic options

Integrator + Domain expert from StratEDGE + Client head of vertical + CEO

Implement the optimized solution

Integrator + operational team from StratEDGE + operations team of client

Mechanism to monitor performance

Integrator + Domain expert from StratEDGE + Client head of vertical + CEO

Who are our clients

Typical clients of StratEDGE consulting are small & medium enterprises, in both manufacturing and service sector, who are looking for continuous growth, risk mitigation and higher efficiency in business processes. These companies typically would not have a global partner or a dedicated advisory panel, which can look beyond day to day operations.

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