Corporate participants

Nitin Gupta,
Managing Director,
NLMK India, New Delhi.

"The program is well thought out & comprehensive. It does encourage you to think like a CEO and managean entire business and not only functions in silos…. Great effort…. recommended for all middle level managers "

Instructors / professors

Aditya Singh,
Director- Athena Business School, Mumbai

"As an upcoming business school, my focus is to provide quality education & content that is relevant to prepare students for industry. I have made stratEDGE a part of MBA curriculum & it is inline with my thoughts. "


Abhishek Srivastava,
Vice President – Retail
(Leasing & Marketing), Phoenix Marketcity, ex-IIM Kolkata.

"This is indeed a very smart & useful tool, which compresses the entire MBA learning into one platform. One needs to be thorough with basics, to out shout the competition ... "

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