Corporate participants :

"The program is well thought out & comprehensive. It does encourage you to think like a CEO and managean entire business and not only functions in silos…. Great effort…. recommended for all middle level managers"

- Nitin Gupta, Managing Director, NLMK India, New Delhi.

"Sounded fairly complex initially, but instructors kept unfolding the correlations, which made is interesting. By the time we entered 3rd simulation session, we all felt a very strong urge to take control and defeat the top ranked team. Deeper look into the reports generated by system & our critical questions to instructors, helped us take lead in the 5th session. We were immersed & engrossed fully during this 2 days workshop… which I think helped me re-live MBA fundas again "

– Ullas Wadhwa, Regional Manager, Maersk, Gurgaon

"I had heard about business simulations earlier also, but experienced it for the first time. Being an expert & a responsible head in my technical area, usually don’t get time to understand & appreciate what challenges do other functions such as marketing, sales & production face. When I was supposed to make decisions in marketing, I recognized for the first time that, it is as complex as an engineering equation…. It is must for any & all managers.. "

- Vidur Kaushik, Head of Tool & Die design, Maruti Suzuki, Gurgaon

"It is much more than a powerful & innovative concept when it comes to trainings related to business strategy. The response & output of the simulations is very close to real market dynamics. As consultant its ususal for me to ask critical questions, but isntructors was able to give quality responses complemented with numbers, which he generated from the system."

- Sachin Gupta, Consultant, Accenture

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