Instructors / Professors :

"As an upcoming business school, my focus is to provide quality education & content that is relevant to prepare students for industry. I have made stratEDGE a part of MBA curriculum & it is inline with my thoughts. "

- Aditya Singh, Director- Athena Business School, Mumbai

"To keep up the interest of students & encourage participation, professors need to provide new content & put lot of personal effort. But in stratEDGE simulation, the students were bubbling with enthusiasm & excitement, and the kind of questions which they raised were never asked before. I am seriously considering to integrate this simulation into my regular course of 30 hrs "

– Dr.Krishna UBS, Mumbai

"I recently got certified by stratEDGE in a one day rigorous workshop. It is indeed the most powerful training tool which I came across in my career. There is so much that you can do with customizable reports, which are created on a click of button and at your discretion. The FAQs, presentation material is also prepared with much thoroughness "

– Certified corporate trainer, a working professional

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