Students :

"This is indeed a very smart & useful tool, which compresses the entire MBA learning into one platform. One needs to be thorough with basics, to out shout the competition in this program. And I must say that the balanced scorecards & reports were very intuitive & reasonable. "

- Abhishek Srivastava, Vice President – Retail (Leasing & Marketing), Phoenix Marketcity, ex-IIM Kolkata.

"Most of the time, we were fighting within our team itself to reach a decision. One person wanted to spend more on marketing while other wanted to improve production efficiency. We kind of made sub teams, while negotiating with each other… but wisdom prevailed over soon and we starting focussing on common goal more than personal preferences. To me this workshop subtly touched the rules of organisational behaviour, personalities & team dynamics. "

– Shradha Vyas, Athena Business School, Mumbai

"My team was 4th out of 5 teams, but we never felt disappointed because we learnt a lot in this program, much more than other case studies or tutorials. Our stock price fell steeply but we realized what mistakes we made and also learnt what right decisions were made by other teams. The instructor very taught us the cause & effect relations, by making some amazing customized reports right in front of us at the end of each session. "

– Rohit, MBA student, Amity Mumbai

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