How is it conducted ?

Business case in the form of text, graphs, tables & reports made available 3 days in advance. On 1st day, teams are formed, which represent 1 company each. They register & log in to BOSS via web

Students work out, strategic objectives, targeting & positioning and take decision in 4 functions Their objective is to take the right decisions to run the company & perform better than competition

Product decisions

  • Attributes
  • Costing
  • Quality
  • Performance

Marketing decisions

  • Total spends
  • Marketing mix
  • Choice of media
  • Others

Production decisions

  • Investment
  • Capacity
  • Production target
  • Efficiency decisions

Sales decisions

  • Sales target
  • Promotion budget
  • Distribution mix
  • Inventory etc

Input from 5 teams are submitted to the simulator on web

Processor compares the decision as per the simulation system, based on management theories at individual & comparative performance level


Decision received by each team in the form of 8-10 report such as Product, Brand parameters, Sales & inventory reports, Balance sheets, Profit loss statements, forecasting reports. Performance gets reflected in the stock price of the company.

Session enters in the next year and students take decisions to introduce new product or improve marketing mix or manage inventory & discounts


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