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StratEDGE brings a comprehensive learning tool designed for b-school students & corporate managers for imparting actions based learning of management education & practices.

This interactive simulation concept allows participants to take the seat of a CEO and make decisions for various functions for a given business case, created in a virtual world on web. Participants are divided to form teams, which essentially take the ownership & responsibility to run their company. The teams make decisions related to marketing, sales, production etc to outperform each other & also align their decisions according to the conditions given in the business case. StratEDGE then generates company wise results in the form of balanced scorecards & financial statements. Participants analyse the performance and make decisions for the next years to improve performance of their company.

A typical workshop with 5 such simulations coupled with structured pedagogic presentations & feedback, can be done in two days. What makes this method of learning strategic management stand out against conventional tool? The 6 core advantages that gives it an EDGE

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Decision based learning

The sense of ownership to run a company & being responsible for your decisions, makes the learning experience very engaging & powerful. It gives the kick like a game but challenging at the same time.

Integrated approach

The goodness of management concepts, advanced & interactive simulation followed by review of each session is bundled seamlessly to ensure a comprehensive experiential learning, beyond conventional tutorials in management schools or trainings in corporates.

Realistic environment

The modeling algorithms of simulation are based on the very real market dynamics & behavior, which are endorsed by professors & practioners of highest caliber. As in real world, performance depends not only on decisions taken by your team but also that of other teams.

Interactive & fast

One can analyze the cause & effect relation of the decision made and making course correction in subsequent sessions. Participants get reports almost instantaneously after submitted the results. Since 5 years of reality get compressed into 5 sessions, the assimilation of learning is much deeper & faster.

Interpersonal skills

Decision making within constraints of budget & time, challenges a team to understand each other's perspective and collaborate. Participants pick up soft skills such as convincing team mates, negotiating in tough situations & assertive communication.

Online & flexible

Participants can access the web based simulation portal from anywhere & anytime. Instructors get access to advanced options, where they can generate reports to track progress of teams and use as review mechanism as well

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